City of Music: Marijuana Deathsquads perform "John Cage Match"

February 7th 2011

Marijuana Deathsquads

Marijuana Deathsquads perform "John Cage Match" at Sound Gallery Studios for MPLS.TV's live performance series, "City of Music" created with local support by Gimme Noise.

Directed/edited by: Dan Huiting. 
Shot by: Nick Junkersfeld, Alex Bowes, David Fink, Joe Michaud-Scorza, Ryan Thompson, Keith Moechnig, Hal Lovelmelt, Chuck Love, Patrick Tracy, and Dan Huiting. 
Color correction by: Josh Allard
Recording/mixing by: Jacob Grun
Mastered by: Huntley Miller
Lighting by Bryant Locher and Playatta
Titles by: VSNQST