Nicholas L. Perez


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Perez. - Pretty EP (36.1MB)

Tracks 1,3,4,5 produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Nicholas Larkins Perez 
Track 2 produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Makr and Nicholas Larkins Perez. 

Perez. is the music of multidisciplinary artist Nicholas Larkins Perez. Nicholas met producer Mark McGee (Marijuana Deathsquads, RONiiA) through his primary artistic practice, film/video, and began collaborating musically shortly thereafter. Both Perez and McGee were inspired by both their history in producing both noised-based electronic sounds and hip hop.

The tone of Perez. falls somewhere in center of Nicholas’ eclectic influences which range from Chinese classical to contemporary r&b. The sound is dark and rhythmically heavy.