RONiiA Mixtape Vol 2 is now available

January 8th 2016

RONiiA Mixtape Vol 2 is now available

RONiiA have just released a new mixtape, their 2nd yet, featuring a wide variety of bands and artists they performed and toured with over the last year. The tape is a colorful collection of upbeat, downbeat, dissonance and experimentation, all together on one cassette. Mixtape Vol 2 also features two previously unreleased RONiiA recordings. 

Cover art by Isa Gagarin.

Physical copies of the tape can be ordered here:

Full tracklist-
RONiiA - coven 
DOOMSQUAD remix - Curtains by Timber Timbre 
555 - Hermit 
Golazo - Lonely Leash 
North America - COPS N QUEENS 
No Milk - For Real 
C.A.R. - (Minor) Growing Pains 
Reighnbeau - Falling 
Chiffon - Deep Fantasies 
RONiiA - Love Me

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