New JM Airis LP, Sans Frontieres, available November 22nd

November 17th 2017

New JM Airis LP, Sans Frontieres, available November 22nd

Sans Frontieres slows the pace of time to capture the beautiful moments when the city settles into pure nature. Like the vines between the skyscrapers, it grows and takes over, as everything else falls to dust. 

Relationships are formed from the disintegration of old ones, and maintaining them is a waiting game between emotional failure and the failure to remain in existence for the other. In Sans Frontieres, JM Airis holds the two rivals together through images and sounds that flow together before separating into opposing charted courses. 

-Mike Blaha

TGNP is proud to release the third album by NYC based recording artist Jm Airis (Indian Summer 2011, Wild Birds 2014). Sans Frontieres continues on the trend of spaced out Americana.  Whereas past records were fleshed out in the studio as solo endeavors, Sans Frontieres has the band assembled these tracks out on stage and in the studio as a unit over the past 2 years. 

This was an important record for me to see through, these songs and recordings I will forever enjoy listening to and remembering the period in which this recording documents, with the friends that made it happen...meeting in NYC ten years ago, out at each others the bars, making plans, forming this band around the last record and then making this one in between everything.  
Like some undefined reminder, Sans Frontieres from New York City to as far as the eye can see.  A couple of a hold squares pushing out another plate of wax with stories putting the dust country on notice...that our eyes are growing thin from one vision focused on dancing on the dusk of the horizon.
The same river crosses the roads you know with the roads I know so Sans Frontieres says we're going to the same place.
I sang about the dividers but I was wrong; I thought those were barriers to define but there was never any difference and every minute is an indian summer anyways.  Say the songs without the lines my Wild Birds, flown above, sweat below and if the sun is your god praise your breath.
- JM Airis 2017

Sans Frontieres will be available digitally on Novemebr 22nd. Vinyl copies can be ordered here:

Record release show November 22nd at Skinny Dennis (Brooklyn).
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