Francis & the Lights show. March 25th. Curated by TGNP.

February 8th 2017

Francis & the Lights show.  March 25th.  Curated by TGNP.

On Saturday, March 25th, Francis & The Lights will headline a show at Icehouse MPLS (2528 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404) with serpentwithfeet and Velvet Negroni performing in support.

The show is 18+ and is only $5 with RSVP, $15 without. The RSVP link can be found here:

Known for mixing electronic beats with an edgy, soul spirit, Francis & The Lights is a progressive rock band from Oakland, CA that has toured with acts ranging from Drake to Kesha. Centered around lead vocalist Francis Farewell Starlight, the group has independently released a string of EPs and a debut album, Farewell, Starlite! to killer reviews.

On a mission to revive gospel music, Brooklyn-based, Baltimore-born, serpentwithfeet’s Josiah Wise blends the sensual with the spiritual with his love for 90’s R&B. Velvet Negroni, known by many as Pony Bwoy frontman Jeremy Nutzman, has been working hard behind-the-scenes for years, writing and recording to prepare for his first album as Velvet Negroni, which offers up a pop masterpiece with enough inspiration for the next millennium with vocal chops and rhythmic control of uncanny proportions.

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