Download the bold debut EP from new singer/producer Perez.

October 30th 2014

Download the bold debut EP from new singer/producer Perez.
Photo by Lauo Blak

We have just added our most recent catalog release, the excellent debut EP from Minneapolis-based singer/producer Perez. [with a period]. 

Perez. is the music of multidisciplinary artist Nicholas Larkins Perez. Nicholas met producer Mark McGee (Marijuana Deathsquads, RONiiA) through his primary artistic practice, film/video, and began collaborating musically shortly thereafter. Both Perez and McGee were inspired by both their history in producing both noised-based electronic sounds and hip hop.

The tone of Perez. falls somewhere in center of Nicholas’ eclectic influences which range from Chinese classical to contemporary r&b. The sound is dark and rhythmically heavy. Stream the EP via Soundcloud below, and download the record to bump in your vehicles. Maximum volume recommended. 

Tracks 1,3,4,5 produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Nicholas Larkins Perez 
Track 2 produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Makr and Nicholas Larkins Perez. 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Perez. - Pretty EP (36.1MB)

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