BLOODEATH is back with "2", available now. Listen below.

October 5th 2016

BLOODEATH is back with

BLOODEATH is a duo comprised of Mark McGee (MAKR) and Jason Power (Slapping Purses). Their first release, BLOODEATH, garnered this praise from Villiage Voice writer and reputable music critic Raymond Cummings:

oh, what a bracing, corrosive eight minutes these are, a miniature hive of distorted tripwires, blown-out voices, and grievous crimes against electronic equipment...  I don't know where these guys came from, but I know that I'm game to follow them wherever their journey takes them

BLOODEATH now returns with BLOODEATH 2, a far-out follow-up to their first born, and every bit as exciting and punishing. Listen to BLOODEATH 2 in its entirety below, and watch the severely NSFW video for "Dying Alone". 

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