Alpha Consumer's "Meat" coming April 15th

February 19th 2014

Alpha Consumer's

Alpha Consumer's first release with TGNP, the excellent full-length album "Meat", will be officially released on April 15th. The record will come on vinyl and download only, and features wonderful gatefold packaging designed by Mike Davis of Burlesque Design with photography by Cameron Wittig

The members of Alpha Consumer have worked with Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Chuck Statler, Brother Ali, Anaias Mitchell, Pieta Brown, A Prairie Home Companion, and more. MOJO said, "(Alpha Consumer) reminded us of just how great America oddball rock used to be. The Modern Lovers meets Talking Heads but heavier is how we describe Alpha Consumer. In truth, they're more entertaining than that."

This new batch of recordings that became the album titled "Meat" found its beginnings as a bite from an ordinary shark. The resulting nightmarish food cravings that accompanied the prescribed pharmaceuticals post-hospital, piled onto pre-existing crippling loneliness, wound up being the perfect cocktail to make these brand new smash hits beloved by b-girls worldwide. Would also work great in a car commercial.


01. Gaping Beak
02. Miss Positron
03. Brain Doctor
04. The Eat
05. Tool Makin' Hands
06. Shadowless
07. You Ain't Alone
08. In A Circular Room
09. Step Sister
10. Cry Bullets

Watch Alpha Consumer's official video for "The Eat", which premiered via Spin Magazine:

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