Adam Green's Aladdin is Here!

April 14th 2016

Adam Green's Aladdin is Here!

Adam Green's Aladdin is finally here, officially out April 15th on Totally Gross National Product. 

Adam Green is renowned around the globe as one of music’s most unique songwriters. As part of the NYC antifolk scene he made up one-half of The Moldy Peaches, who enjoyed mainstream success via the Grammy-winning, #1 Billboard Chart ranking soundtrack of the 2007 Academy Award-winning movie Juno. 

Aladdin is the soundtrack companion to the film Adam Green’s Aladdin, a far-out take on the classic tale that Buzzfeed has called “the trippiest movie ever made.”  Much like the film, the soundtrack is conceived in Green’s whimsical style. With an extensive world tour booked and major interest behind the film and the album, Aladdin is set to be yet another cult status notch in Adam Green’s belt. 

Get it Adam Green's Aladdin here:

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And for a limited time, stream the entire album at Brooklyn Vegan

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