Adam Green Premieres new video for Me From Far Away, adds tour dates

July 27th 2016

Adam Green Premieres new video for Me From Far Away, adds tour dates

Adam Green has just dropped the newest video from his outrageous and excellent movie soundtrack Aladdin. The video is for Me From Far Away, which premiered today via Noisey!

Here's what Adam has to say about the video and tour:

Now that people understand that Adam Green's Aladdin is both a feature film and an album of songsā€”I'm gonna do what I wanted to do all along and go on a Concert and Movie Combo Tour. The tour will go through the USA and Canada and finish in Europe! 

I got to to test out this concept in a few select cities and my new video for "Me From Far Away" shows what the experience is like! Featured in the "Me From Far Away" video is the amazing support band I've been touring with called "Coming Soon."  They are a Paris-based band who also have been my backing band on all the European shows. Actually all the footage was shot by Charles Arkadin from "Coming Soon." The new video also includes  a cameo from Macaulay Culkin who rolled with us in the van on the UK dates. 

So Yeah! This Adam Green's Aladdin concert and movie experience tour is likely rolling through your town! Come! Wear costumes! Be dumb! Enjoy your life! (On almost all of these dates we will project the entire Aladdin movie before the concert starts!) 

And don't miss Adam Green's Aladdin Concert and Movie Tour, coming to USA, Canada, and a whole bunch more in Europe. Full dates here:

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