Invisible Boy drop first video, shot entirely on a flight to Paris

November 11th 2016

Shot entirely on Flight DL169, Minneapolis to Paris, Strangers is the first video to come from Invisible Boy. Having written, performed, and recorded the Invisible Boy record almost entirely by himself, Chris Bierden has now directed and edited his own video. 

Order the LP, or purchase a download of Invisible Boy here:

Chris Bierden of Polica announces debut record as Invisible Boy

October 19th 2016

Chris Bierden of Polica announces debut record as Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy is a project fronted by Chris Bierden, bassist for Polica and vital contributor to many Minneapolis-based projects. Bierden has been performing solo shows under the moniker Invisible Boy for the last 10 years. The name is taken from the title of a song by Vampire Hands, a beloved psych/punk band in which Bierden was a founding member. This is the first Invisible Boy effort at arranging the material into fully formed songs. 

Bierden has spent the last five years touring the world as the bass player and back-up vocalist for Poliça. He recorded bass and vocals on the last two Har Mar Superstar records, and developed other projects of note such as Heavy Deeds, Pony Trash, and Bones & Beeker.

Invisible Boy is about life, death, and a child’s relationship to the cosmos. The music is meant to find empathy in a world that is often cold and indifferent. The album will be available digitally November 11th, with a vinyl release date shortly after. Listen to the album's opening track All the Kids here:

StoLyette have released their newest EP, MITCH

October 14th 2016

StoLyette have released their newest EP, MITCH

Formerly a duo made up of Minsk-native Irene Ruderman Clark and her husband, a neuroscientist named Dr. Ben Clark, StoLyette have added a third member: Mitch Miller. Mitch's contributions on beats and drums inspired StoLyette to name their recent effort after him. 

MITCH is a wonderful step forward for StoLyette. While still maintaining their signature stye of twisted bass loops and Russian vocals, they have also expanded their palate to include beats and a more developed approach to songwriting. Stream MITCH in full below.

BLOODEATH is back with "2", available now. Listen below.

October 5th 2016

BLOODEATH is back with

BLOODEATH is a duo comprised of Mark McGee (MAKR) and Jason Power (Slapping Purses). Their first release, BLOODEATH, garnered this praise from Villiage Voice writer and reputable music critic Raymond Cummings:

oh, what a bracing, corrosive eight minutes these are, a miniature hive of distorted tripwires, blown-out voices, and grievous crimes against electronic equipment...  I don't know where these guys came from, but I know that I'm game to follow them wherever their journey takes them

BLOODEATH now returns with BLOODEATH 2, a far-out follow-up to their first born, and every bit as exciting and punishing. Listen to BLOODEATH 2 in its entirety below, and watch the severely NSFW video for "Dying Alone". 

Premiere: Tickle Torture ft. Velvet Negroni - Full Court Press

August 9th 2016

Premiere: Tickle Torture ft. Velvet Negroni - Full Court Press

With his never-ending mission to be the best shitty Prince he can possibly be, Minneapolis sex-pop provocateur Tickle Torture delivers us “Full Court Press,” as a tribute to the Purple One and the city they both came from (and just in time for his debut at Eaux Claires). 


In collaboration with Velvet Negroni (Jeremy Nutzman formerly of Pony Bwoy), the duo offers up a pop masterpiece to the man who came to define an entire city's sound and left the planet with enough inspiration for the next millennium. 


Tickle Torture will be playing Eaux Claires festival on August 12 in Eau Claire, WI along with Erykah Badu, Bon Iver, James Blake and many others. Full lineup here: