July 7th 2014

The 5th TOTALLY GROSS NATIONAL PARTY is now officially announced. This annual party of ours has continued to grow each year little by little, garnering accolades like "Best Concert Of The Year" and "Wow WHat A FuN Time" by attendees and friends. Check out the lineup and details below!

@ Icehouse (outdoor by day, indoor by night)
2528 Nicollet Avenue South
Advance tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/770865
Doors at 2:00PM.

Allan Kingdom
Check out Future Memoirs right here. Its great. He's got so much more on the way its crazy. 

Taggert And Rosewood
Ryan and Zack's new project. This will be their first performance ever.

Leisure Birds
You have to see these guys play this record they made live. France is eating it up right now. 

One of the best bands from here of all time. Every incarnation of Fog was chainless and Andrew Broder's new take on it will be no different. Please support this album.

Tender Meat
I think Tender Meat has played every TGNP party because they are superb. Watch for a release from them later this Summer.

Alpha Consumer
Its impossible not to like watching these guys perform. The songs are top notch and the delivery is too good. Their album Meat is full of hits

Pony Bwoy
Party won't really be a party if these fellas don't come. Can't wait to hear new songs. And the old ones. This is still one of the best songs ever.

Aero Flynn
Very exciting new band from ex-Amateur Love writer/singer Josh Scott, and a band of all ringers named Hurlburt, Hansen Bros™, and Noyce. Come give Mikey a hug. Check this tune out.

2nd show this year. Last one was their release show for this album. Not to be missed. 

Nona Marie-Invie, Mark McGee, and Fletcher have made a HUGE album. Can't wait for you to hear it. Very excited to see and hear them properly loud. 

New band from ex-Roma Di Luna members. Have hardly played out at all so this will be a memorable one for sure. 

Dr. Ben Clark and Minsk-native Irene Ruderman-Clark play bass and vocal duets, sung in Russian. Its beautiful and eerie and captivating. Check out their album Lubymaya.

Marijuana Deathsquads
Marijuana Deathsquads have headlined every TGNP party to date. We flipped it on its head this year. Expect something planned especially for this show to kick things off.

See you all there. 
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