Velvet Negroni
Photo by Clarke Tolton



Velvet Negroni is the current incarnation of the man also known as Jeremy Nutzman.  Throughout the years, you may have found him under the monikers Spyder Baybie Raw Dog or Pony Bwoy, but the man now known as Velvet Negroni is the most introspective version of himself to date.  His sparse and dark take on R+B is an outer-worldly experience that, in the world of Velvet Negroni, is simply day to day existence.  Some days are divine comedy while other days we aren't meant for the physical space that we inhabit.  His debut album, T.C.O.D., is existentialist in tone and Dadaist in spirit: life is too hard to be serious and too amusing to be hard.  And the only way to make sense of ourselves is to delve deeper into the things we cannot control.  Life and art are processes that are often painfully and joyfully intertwined.  With T.C.O.D., Velvet Negroni lets us in on this double-edged process, if just for a little while.